6 Ways in Which IoT Is Going To Sway Mobile Development!

Prateek Saxena
07-20 06:24
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Technology can create billion dollar industries overnight and this internet of things is the new disruptive technology after biometrics, green technologies that can really create millions of jobs and change the face of the universe as we know it completely. Few people can truly understand the paradigm shift internet of things is going to bring about in our lives.


New age thinking will begin
Earlier software developers had a familiar canvass to write their code on which was either the desktop or the mobile operating system. But now they need to understand the technology that drives all devices in order to write code that best suits the IOT framework in order to deliver successful outcomes.

Understanding of technology will change
The earlier thinking that drove application development will have to be junked and a new way of thinking has to be ushered. Now code will have to be written keeping in mind the intended function of the device so that it can operate seamlessly in a Wi-Fi environment in conjunction with other devices.

Platforms will change completely
It goes without saying that existing platforms are not robust enough to handle the onset of IOT technology and they will have to re-written as legacy systems cannot be made compatible with multi-tiered applications that will be written for the IOT ecosystem. The current model-view-controller architecture that is at the core of many applications will undergo a sea change.

Connectivity will get redefined
Current connectivity protocols be it Wi-Fi, mobile towers, Bluetooth or infra-red will make place for an integrated gateway that will  emerge from the product lines of companies that offer last-mile connectivity in homes and offices. Already work is in progress and engineers have begun to think in hypothesis before penning down these thoughts in a research paper that will precede product development.

Open source will become the gold standard
It is a  well-known fact that open source technologies no matter how secure or supported they may be are not yet relied for mission critical applications  that power business processes in top-class companies. World- class intellectual horsepower will now be diverted to open source technologies in order to build superior IOT systems that will power homes and offices.

Hiring will change
Instead of hiring one developer conversant with mobile and web technologies, technology companies will need a developer exclusively for IOT technologies. It has to be viewed separately within the technology ecosystem as a standalone domain that would require your best resources to deliver outstanding technological outcomes.

One thing is certain that IOT is the future of technology and that there will be a lot of intellectual churn and out-of box thinking employed in technology companies, software companies and those developing embedded design systems  in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving IOT environment. It’s a winner takes all world and companies that have a head start in technology in this sphere will outclass their peers by a mile and emerge successful and retain their success for a long time to come.

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