Create dump DB using PHP

08-20 12:25
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Short instructions ​ for creating a database dump using php.

Export database using MySQLDump already described, repeat the command:


mysqldump -uYourLogin -pYourPassword DBName > fileDBName.sql
Then wrap this command to PHP, open necessary php file and add code to it:


exec('mysqldump -uYourLogin -pYourPassword DBName > /path/to/save/fileDBName.sql');
If you need to store a few versions of dump base, then you can specify lead  time of dump in filename:


exec('mysqldump -uYourLogin -pYourPassword DBName > /path/to/save/fileDBName-' . date('d.m.Y-H:i:s') . '.sql');
 You can choose time format at its discretion. Then you can add this file to tasks crone and get automatic dump of base, if you need.
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