Developing an app for iOS is comparatively easier than for Android

08-30 08:21
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In the mobility world, many mobile app development companies think that developing an app for iOS is much easier than the Android platform. So I am sure that there are many reasons behind what they are saying, so by going across many of the mobile app developers, I collected few information about why iOS app development is easier than Android and I just want to share with you.

Compatibility Testing

The main concern of each and every mobile app development company is that while developing an android app they have to make a compatibility test for hundreds of devices. But for the iOS platform, compatibility test can be done easily because on iOS only a few devices run.

Debugging Code

Once the app has been developed, the next step is to debug the code which means the app has to be checked for any coding errors. So to fix it,Xcode is easy to use for iOS compared to eclipse and Android Studio for Android.

Line of Code

Many of the app developers say that if you compare the line of code in both platforms, iOS is the better one. Because iOS platform requires a least number of lines to code, but Android requires more lines of code.


IDE means Integrated Development Environment. If you come to the IDE part, Android had two options, one is Eclipse and another is Android Studio. Android Studio is not new and stable as Xcode.

Timeframe of work

While if you compare the time frame of work that both the platforms consume, Android app development consumes more time than the iOS app development. In Android, hundreds of devices are available when you compare with iOS devices, and Eclipse and Android Studio is not that much easier for compatibility test as Xcode.

Finally, I hope that through this article, you got enough information that why many of the Android app developers take more time for building app than iOS app developers.

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