Google is About to Release Angular 4 Instead 3

Arun Goyal
04-18 08:15
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In a series of surprises coming from Google, the current buzz is related to the launch of Angular 4. It will be bypassing the previously anticipated Angular 3 version. This broadcast was made only a few months after the company announced the launch of Angular 3.

The Story Behind
Angular 3 was expected to replace Angular 2 within a targeted time period of 6 months. Google released its version 2.3 in last December with minor updates for language service, type completion, and error checking. The company had decided to release minor versions every month while patch versions to be introduced every week for slight bug fixes. A major version with substantial changes was contemplated to be released every six months. As such, this announcement came as a surprise since the company decided to skip the launch of version 3 completely.

Why Is Angular 4 Replacing Angular 3?
The Angular Team Lead at Google, Igor Minar made a keynote on this update at the recently held NG BE Angular Conference 2016 at Belgium. It was explained that this is a well-planned step taken in accordance with router version of Angular slated to be released shortly. It was predicted in this event that the newest version of Angular will use routers of version 4. Also, the company believes that too many versions of a framework with different title names can be extremely confusing for users. Henceforth, Google will call this software simply as Angular. After a series of beta releases ending in March 2017, the software will be presented for general use.

The Special Features of Angular 4
Users can expect several upgrades in this software. The platform will be compatible with Angular 2 and the latter will run smoothly with its support. This feature will save users from juggling two JavaScript frameworks at a time for compatibility problems. Also, the company had replaced TypeScript 1.8 with its advanced version 2.1 referring to some breaking changes underway. But Minar reassured about the same by saying that these migrations were done across Google and it required some interventions.

The Future of Angular
Apparently, Google is planning to launch several updated versions of this framework. According to its current deployment policy, you can expect the next release of an update coming by the end of October 2017. As a result, the release of Angular 7 can be anticipated till 2018. However, the company has clarified that future versions will not bring any disruptive changes to this platform. It looks forward to maintaining the balance between stability and updates. The relevance of AngularJS Development will be maintained through slight changes to keep the pace with its environment. 

With the idea of minimal breaking changes in the future versions, Google is planning to launch Angular 4 with all the major features and functionalities. The future looks promising for this framework. The company is planning to release the updates till 2018. So, you can expect a lot more coming from Google to change the landscape of Angular in the coming times.

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