What is the cost to deploy an Android app on the Google Play Stores?

04-24 07:10
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Before deploying your Android application on play store or other apps market you must understand all about the deployment costs. Analyzing the releasing cost you can build a worthy application including top features in the application. The top app development firms always hire top app developers so they can fabricate a laudable app.

We are here to discuss some costs related factors so that you can get an estimation for deploying your Android app on various app stores-

Investigate the Cost

Most of the developers have all information of account fees for app stores for example- Amazon followed the pattern of Apple, it is charging $ 99 for one year but providing benefit as there is no cost for the first year. In comparison to all, Google is too cheaper, charging only $25 one time and you can feel good for life. Registering in the play store you will get options like designing and producing a promotional video. You can get all in the store for $25 but if you want your Android application to be a successful app you have to pay much more.

Plat Store Cost

As we have discussed that Google is cheaper than others app markets. Google charges only $25 one-time fee which is too less than Apple app store, charging $99 for one year. As you deploy more applications the play store costs become lesser of matter. The app stores take it usually based on percentage so the more you sell they will get much too. 

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Play Store Percentage

The app stores get their income from paid applications, so the stores have their shares in different terms. Consider the following factors-
There are many play stores that set apart themselves by giving a large percentage to the developers. It is also a big concern to get more and more sales with each passing day. You also can go to those app stores but Google play store gives lots of benefits in comparison to others when it has the highest traffic.

Hidden Costs

It is harder to identify the costs that can you satisfy with app store requirements. When you decide not to take some services and features because those all features and services are available only in limited app stores, can affect the overall success of the application on Google play store. These kinds of things come at an additional cost and grows up over time.

Schedules and Thresholds

Google Play is the best platform for deploying your Android applications. It is profitable when it comes out to payments. Google play will pay you in few days after the month.Some markets come with payout thresholds, means you will not see any profits until you sell a certain amount.


Knowing the costs percentages and high challenges related to deploying different applications to the Android app store, you might be excited to conclude that it is not worth practicing. So, it is on you how you decide to go with your development process.Also, you can hire android experts to understand the entire philosophy of Google play store. We hope that appreciating what costs are concerned in deploying Android applications to play store and multiple markets may help you plan accordingly.

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