Exchanging Ideas for Freelance Work

In this note, I learned why coworking is marking a worldwide shift in the lifestyle and work of freelancers.

Until now, the freelancer was a professional who tended to isolation, working from the living room or desk of his house, and living side by side with the fear of sharing his ideas. In the face of this new reality, coworking spaces emerge.


  1. A new style of work

The current context invites us to undertake and encourages us to do so in a collaborative space; in an environment of inspiration, creativity, and innovation. If we don’t do it in a traditional organization anymore where, then?

Working from home is comfortable but also dangerous: personal and professional life is not separated. Coworking is best done because there are no distractions, such as being attentive to what happens in the kitchen or receiving visitors at unexpected times. There is also no need to attend to the maintenance of the workspace: it ended up losing one morning to the phone waiting for the internet technical service to fix the line. There’s someone in charge that in that space, you focus only on working and growing your project.

  1. Exclusive collaboration network

What enriches a coworking center is not only its infrastructure but primarily its coworker’s community. By sharing your projects, you will be able to improve them thanks to the contributions of the other coworkers. No professional is the same as anyone else, and that’s why the perspective your office mates can offer you will be far more valuable than you could have done.

Also, entrepreneurs usually specialize in their business area, but to carry out a complete project, you have to cover everything and know about corporate design and image, business plan, legal field, Administration, etc. In a coworker community, you will find professionals from all areas who will be able to make great suggestions to your project, and who knows, you may encounter partners to carry them out.

  1. Flexibility in use

These new spaces offer the entrepreneur a motivating and productive work space, but also super flexible. Coworking usually offers 90% of the time, different rates depending on the use you are going to give to the space: half-day rates, full-time, weekly hour packages, with and without meeting room, and even loose hours in some cases.

It is possible to adjust the monthly cost of the space based on the time each freelancer spends on its project.

  1. Unique spaces for you

Coworking is a fully equipped place for your performance and works to be useful, functional, and professional; but it is also designed to make you feel comfortable and comfortable working with enjoyment.

In addition to offering library materials, there is access to different spaces such as meeting rooms to welcome clients and investors, closed offices to make presentations of the project; fully equipped kitchens, and even many have playrooms or relaxation spaces.

  1. Projects in constant growth

As we said before, these spaces allow both the exchange of ideas among entrepreneurs, as well as resolving doubts or working as a team. While each professional is immersed in their project, using these spaces makes them generate relationships that are beneficial in their enterprise. Concepts such as: connecting, interdisciplinary, mobility, dynamism, and creativity gain strength and prominence in a dynamic context such as the current one, and with workspaces such as coworking offices.

This allows your business to grow steadily, because these relationships will prevent you from stagnating, making you find a new way to see your business every day.