Key Points To Refer For Surefire Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Key Points To Refer For Surefire Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

With various mobile platforms around and the incessantly increasing mobile users, it is hard to ignore a mobile presence. If you really want your business to stand out, a remarkable mobile solution is highly advisable. Not only a well designed mobile application can help you promote your business with a flair across a wider audience base, but it will also help you augment your business value.


If you are interested in developing an application for a particular mobile platform, then Android makes a viable choice for its dominating presence in the market with over 70% of the total market shares. You may choose to hire Android application developer to ensure a prolific application that can amazingly epitomize your business and boost conversion rate and sales.


However, at the same time, the other platforms, including Apple iOS are also popular among the masses. The analytics have proved that unlike Android applications, iOS applications are capable of generating a hefty amount of revenue. Thus, targeting both the Android and iOS users can surely help you augment your business values. Certainly, this can be accomplished efficiently by investing in some cross-platform application development service. There are several developers who offer resourceful services at competitive prices, you can easily seek a suitable service provider and accomplish your project.


Moreover, there are several tools and frameworks also that facilitate cross platform app development. In this article, I want to unleash certain crucial key points associated with cross platform application development. By keeping these points in mind while developing an application, you can deliver a classy cross platform native application. Let’s have a look into them.


  • Don’t expect complete Code Reuse

It is wrong to expect 100% code reuse with any kind of cross-platform application development tool. This is so because by reusing the entire code, you will get a limited control over the UI and UX of your application. Moreover, it will also create the same look and feel of your across various targeted platforms (thereby, hindering its native visual appearance). It is often misinterpreted that our end objective is to have an application that appear consistent across all the platforms. However, it is desired to attain high reusability.


  • Understand your target platforms

If you are well versed with the platform that you are going to target, you will certainly be able to ensure an outstanding performance of the application. The best possible way to have an insight into the targeted platform is to go through the UI guidelines for that particular platform. However, for the folks who use the targeted platform on a daily basis and thus, are well aware of the behavior and visual similarities and differences, they need not read the guidelines thoroughly. Otherwise, it is advisable to have a glance into the complete guidelines.


  • Reap the benefits Modules

The aim of the development platforms like Titanium Appcelerator is to offer an elucidated, high-end, cross platform API. In order to embrace the features that are not exposed officially by the platform, it provides a Native Module development Framework. This framework can be used by Java as well as Objective-C developers to uncover the additional functionalities and features. Since, these modules are capable of dramatically augmenting the application’s quality, it is advisable to get your hands on modules and embrace them as and where possible.


  • Test as many times as you can

Due to the fact that a cross platform application embraces both platform specific code and components, and cross platform code and components, it is better to test your application as often as you can. If you will focus on the version for a platform say Android, and then move on to the iOS platform, you may observe the off positions of the object, poor fonts. In worst cases, the application may crash on load. This is why it is advisable to test the application so that any issue can be identified at the earliest and can be rectified.


These are a few of the helpful points, considering which you can ensure a surefire cross platform mobile application.