How To Earn Money From Mobile Games?

How To Earn Money From Mobile Games?

The best thing about mobile games is that it’s played by everybody. When it comes to playing many games on the mobile, there is no difference between children and adults, as all of us totally enjoy playing many games on our mobiles. You can find almost everybody, everywhere with their head bent over their smartphones, whether it is for chatting, surfing or playing Games.

Here are the best ways to earn money with your mobile games.

How do you recover the money and profits?
Most mobile apps today do not even manage to break even. Yet, while your mobile app idea can be great, it’s the strategy that you use that will work in the longer run.

One of the easiest ways for the owners to recover their money and profits is through free mobile games with a freemium model. We have talked time and again of the benefits of freemium model and that’s what most mobile app developers are doing these days.

Offer free initial downloads and installation, so that you can a large number of people towards the game and later take advantage of them by adding a variety of paid add-ons, such as in-app purchases. This virtual currency can be used to buy other advanced  features of the game or to play more advanced levels of the game.

The Freemium Statistics
That the freemium mode of mobile apps is still popular is evident by the statistics. These kinds of mobile games were highly popular and gathered maximum revenues and dominated the app store revenues according to the recent figures of apple, with Heads up topping the list as the top paid mobile app for iPhone and Minecraft pocket edition as the top grossing app for iPad. Some of the other popular games for iPhone and iPad include Cut the rope 2, the room 2, plague, survival craft, hide and seek, card wars, and plant vs. zombie.

Understanding Engagement
The real challenge of these game developers is to attract a large number of people and retain the existing customers by making the game engaging and challenging to keep the interest levels piqued of the people. And once they start playing and the games becomes engaging, the users have an option of purchasing add-ons and items that will help them to play the advanced levels of the game or make the game more interesting.

Once the game has achieved the desired success and gained momentum it is not that difficult to convince users to pay for add-ons and in-app purchases as they are already so engaged and interested in the game and would continue to want to play the mobile game.