Five Excellent Apps for the iPad Pro for 2016

Five Excellent Apps for the iPad Pro for 2016

Apple has introduced the iPad Pro, which is the pro version of the iPad with a 12.9 inch screen. This model is larger than all previous iPad models. This version is now available in three configurations and is the first iPad tablet to to feature the LPDDR4 RAM. This iPad version was released on November 2015, and includes several advanced features such as the A9X chip and the Apple M9 motion co-processor.

The features such as the Touch ID and the Retina Display are carried over the iPad. Additional new features include a smart keyboard connector and a 4 GB RAM. For the pro version, many apps developers have already brought forth apps in the apps market. Let us discuss five of these apps that can be run on the iPad Pro:

  1. Orderly(

This is a great iPad app that is useful for users who are in the retail as well as restaurant vertical. Being a simple and intuitive software platform, Orderly easily automates the purchasing process and facilitates the transactions well. With the help of Orderly, it is possible for the users to capture, manage, as well as share invoices. Also possible is monitoring supplier pricing as well as food spending. Additionally, taking of inventory counts without spreadsheets, data entry, or other paper work is also possible. Although this app is free, users can upgrade to a feature filled version for $ 55/mo.

  1. Pocket


This is a free app that helps you save anything on the Internet. With Pocket, is is possible to save documents and share acticles, videos, and such to another friend’s pocket app or to social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Founded in 2007 by Nate Weiner, this app helps people save interesting articles, videos,and more for later enjoyment. Once this content is saved to Pocket, it can viewed on any device – be it a phone, tablet, or computer. This service has more than 17 million users and currently, it is integrated into more than 1500 apps.

3. Adobe Photoshop Mix


With this app, it is possible to edit photos right away on your mobile device. This app is very useful to let users cut out as well as combine elements from different images. Also, it is possible to blend layers as well as create new looks. Various other editing possibilities exist such as cutting and removing images, enhancing or adjusting image, and getting feedback from the Photoshop Mix community after uploading the images there.

  1. Assembly

This is a powerful design tool that can be easily used for creating beautiful logos, characters, icons, as well as illustrative screens. All this can be one with a few swipes on the iPad Pro. A vast library of shapes is available with Assembly, so that users can customize their fill and opacity, stroke style and color. Users can also choose from available color palettes. This is a free app that enables quick back up as well as syncing to the iCloud.

  1. Liquid Text(
    This is a very handy free app that allow you to import documents from services such as Dropbox and iCloud, so that you can start marking them up immediately. Liquid text was named “most innovative app” of 2015 by the Apple app store! This is an app that is very useful for you in case you frequently compose research papers, pull out excerpts from readings, and take notes for studies. It is also possible to open a web page within an app to edit a specific article. With Liquid Text, it is possible to take clips from a body of text by simply highlighting it by tracing it with the help of your finger or even with the apple pencil.


Now that iPad pro has been introduced, iPad app development will get even more interesting, fascinating, and competitive. Why not ask an iPad app development company to develop the iPad app you desire for your organization’s benefit. It’s surely going to be a great experience ahead!