Key Ways to Enhance the Speed of your Magento eCommerce Store

Key Ways to Enhance the Speed of your Magento eCommerce Store

When you set an e-store using Magento platform, you feel blessed. The platform has thoroughly taken into account all the needs of your eStore. You would find that you have a stable platform that can be customized to give out a fully functional store online.With the various functions and extensions, Magento seems to be the ideal store in the present times. Considering this fact, you would not see any issues underlying Magento as a platform for an eCommerce website. But, that is where you may be mistaken for Magento despite being the best platform has its hindsight too.

You would find that the speed offered by this platform is quite less in the case of the default configuration. When you have an online store, you may want to create a space where there is more to the eCommerce store than the default configuration. This is where speed enhancement techniques come to play. You will need to enhance the speed of your Magento store in order to ensure that your website works perfectly. Here are a few techniques from Magento Website Design and Development Company that will help you enhance the speed of your Magento based store.

Admin Settings for Speed Enhancement:

You will need to ensure that your admin settings are picture perfect in order to make sure that your Magento eCommerce store performs well. Here are a few settings that you should keep in mind.

Cache Enabling: When you are looking to enhance the speed of your Magento based store, this is the first area you would need to concentrate. You should enable all the types of cache in the cache management area of your system tab. This will help clear the cache as and when necessary.

Data Re-indexing: In order to improve the speed of your Magento based website, you will need to index the data on a regular basis. You need to visit index management under the systems tab in your admin settings and select all indexes and click on reindex data. This is an ideal way of establishing speed on your site.

Merging of JavaScript Files: When you combine various JavaScripts on your Magento eStore you are actually reducing HTTP requests on your store. This way you are actually enhancing the speed of your website.

Combining CSS Files:  The separate CSS files tend to increase the loading time of your website. In case you combine all the CSS files into one, you will find that the loading time reduces greatly. In the CSS settings in your System tab hit ok to merge all your CSS files.

Switch off Logs:  While setting your Magento store, make sure all the logs are turned off for the system. You will find the settings for log under the developer settings on your Magento website.

Compress the Output:

You will see that most times the loading time increases because there are just too many images and text on your website. You will find that the overall output time increases greatly thanks to this. What you can do is turn on the apache  mod_deflate module. Once this is done, you will find that your Magento output automatically compresses texts, CSS, and javascript related files. You will find that eventually your download time and size is reduced majorly.

Use of Expires Headers:

Expires headers is generally used by browsers to figure out the time till which caching of a web page can last. When it comes to image caching, the expires header should be into the far future. But when you are planning to increase the speed of your website, you should always consider including expires header.

A Flat Way to Cataloging:

Most Magento based websites have derived an EAV style to store their consumer as well as product data. Eventually, as a result of this model, you would find that the SQL queries become longer and there are more reads in this aspect. With a flat catalog system, categories and products are merged into one table which eventually reduces the loading speed making the website work faster.

Avoid Etags:

Browsers generally check on the cached components on websites using these Etags. When these tags are constantly used, you will find that eventually, the site becomes slow. The site is actually served using a cluster, and the tags are cluster dependent. In case the clusters are not properly configured the site loses out on its performance. You should ideally not use too many tags while defining your online website. This way you can always keep a keen eye on the performance of your Magento eCommerce website.

Hosting is too important to keep good the speed of your site. You should always make sure you have hosted your site using a good server system, and you will never be bothered by the site’s speed ever again. For more information please feel free to talk with us. Contact us today!!!!