Why and how programmers are different from other people?

Why and how programmers are different from other people?

So, programmers, unlike the ordinary people can:

1. They understand that all the scenes in the films of burglary is a complete nonsense. Actually, a lot of cinematic stereotypes about software is nonsense, says Bill Coleman: “We are not all the same thick, lazy genius. In real life, we are able to communicate properly: it affects our work. And we should not be confused with the electricians, whose houses are sometimes out of soldering iron. ”

The main “hacker” has an effect on the uninitiated, open the console. “Most people think I’m just staring at the screen and waisting my time, while I’m doing my job. But it is quite enough to open the console and start typing, as they are sure that I am trying to break into the Pentagon or do other magical things,” – says one of the participants of the discussion.

2. For 25% of the time of working,they are scratching their heads over how to calculate that it can “be broken” in the user-written application. “It is relatively easy to write rules that should be done by the program, if everything works as it is expected. It is much more difficult to write rules for what should be done bythe program, if something goes wrong,” – says Kim Moser. At the same time, many users believe that the program should behave themselves like more intelligent and competent friends.

3. It is well-known fact that there is a tremendous amount of “crutches” even in the most important software that people use every day, which somehow miraculously going to the operating unit. ” It feels like you’ve disassembled the ” Boeing “and discovered that the brakes have been connected with the Scotch tape” – says one of the participants, Ben Cherry. Programmers know that a tremendous amount of medical, financial and personal information is stored at an insignificant level of security system.

4. They start counting not from one, but from zero.

5.They know: if a person had, for example, six fingers, the basic number system in the world would be 12, instead of 10-ary, as it is now.

6. They can name a lot more degrees of number “2” without a calculator, than an average person can. Reduction of “k” in expressions such as 100k they donot understand as “x1000”, but as “h1024”. But if the majority of ordinary people think that programming is mainly related to mathematics, programmers know that the logics is in priority here .

7. They know how the simple things are complicated on the Internet. After all, simple actions, such as surfing the Internet, in fact are provided with a variety of complex processes at different levels.

8. They believe that most people express too vaguely, trying to explain what they want to.

9. They get into rage when ordinary peoplebeing the relatives, friends and acquaintances are constantly asked to them to “repair a computer”.

10. They can compare the code with the poem by the beauty, although for the user it will look just as bad as the error message.